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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers & Comprehensive Guide In 2022

A best Bluetooth headsets for truckers assist you in finding one with good performance. In this ultimate guide, In this alternative guide, you’ll know some of the details for the best bluetooth headset for truckers. Continue reading to learn more!

Managing a truck is challenging. Being a truck driver requires you to be focused on the road and make frequent calls. Additionally, highway driving is monotonous, making it difficult to stay awake the entire way. As a result, you should own a high-quality truck driver headset to communicate effectively with your loved ones and coworkers and take important calls.

We created a list of 20 Bluetooth headsets available on the market and tested them over 90 days to identify the top 5 headsets for truckers to assist you in finding one with good performance. Based on previous customers’ ratings and testimonials, we also researched the best headset for truck drivers (mostly truckers). 

In this article, we’ll go over why truckers need headsets, what to look for when buying one, and compare the top 5 trucker headsets.

Benefits of the Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Here are a few more benefits of the best trucker headsets, though we’ve already covered the two main reasons for using them (being attentive and using hands-free features to answer calls):

Avoiding Traffic Accidents 

The best benefit of Bluetooth headsets is that they let you talk on the phone or listen to music (which is not recommended for truck drivers) without using your hands or focusing elsewhere. The hands-free capabilities make sure you don’t use your hands to operate your phone while driving. Bluetooth headsets reduce the likelihood of accidents, ensuring the safety of you and the pedestrians. Additionally, there are no bothersome wires to worry about.

Excellent Assistance in Emergencies

While driving, Bluetooth headphones can be useful in emergencies like car accidents, inclement weather, medical issues, and more. You can dial 911 and remain on the line to receive ongoing assistance.

Uncompromised Connectivity

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices can easily connect to Bluetooth headsets. Additionally, they don’t require technical expertise and are simple to use. As a result, setting up the connection between your device and the headset doesn’t take long. 

Excellent Call Quality

The best bluetooth headsets for truckers deliver excellent audio quality during calls. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity guarantees that calls are uninterrupted. Therefore, when truckers need assistance with locations and shipments, Bluetooth headsets for drivers can aid in clear communication.

Effective Communication

Before making a call or picking up a call, most truck drivers pull over their vehicles on the highway or wait for the next signal. Thanks to Bluetooth headsets, they can quickly respond to urgent calls without using their hand. They help you save time, are secure to use while driving, and guarantee that you follow all traffic laws.

5 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Here are comprehensive reviews of the top 5 best bluetooth headsets for truckers:

1. Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset


In addition to being cozy, the Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset has excellent battery life. Continue reading to learn more.

The headset has padded ear cups and an adjustable headband for maximum comfort. The Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset is undoubtedly the most comfortable trucker headset on this list. With the headset, we had no discomfort or problems with sweat.

Second, the headset’s battery life is simply amazing. It offers a longer battery life than some of the top brands on our list. We tested the headset’s battery life for two days, lasting at least 32 hours. According to reviews from previous users, the headset has a standby time of almost 20 days.

Thirdly, the best bluetooth headsets for truckers have good noise cancellation and decent audio quality. It is simple to set up and use, but Bluetooth 4.0 is included (something we did not really like). At first, there were some minor connectivity problems.


  • Comfort fit: The premium headset’s lightweight, flexible, and adjustable headband has a tactile rubberized finish and black chrome accents, providing cushioned comfort. GAMING: This headset cannot be connected to a gaming console without a Bluetooth transmitter.
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN THE BOX: The Blue Tiger Elite ULTRA wireless headset, extra mic covers, a D/C adapter, a quick start manual, and a micro USB charging cable are all included. You may go ahead. You may proceed.
  • ULTRA style, comfort, and performance: ELITE JUST GOT BETTER. Use this wireless headset with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a Hi-Fi performance speaker to stay connected.
  • This business headset has a battery that keeps up with your hard work and offers 60 hours of talk time. The lengthy battery life provides up to 60 hours of talk time and 1200 hours of standby time.
  • The best technology for CANDLELING noise: Hear and be heard in any setting. The noise cancellation technology in the headset and microphone cuts noise by 96%. MUTE: This headset’s mute feature requires a cellular device or mobile phone. The mute feature for desktop or laptop-based software is NOT supported. Only the direct use of that mobile device’s mute function is currently supported for muting calls in HFP.


Here are some of the pros and cons of this product: 


  • Great noise cancelation
  • Decent sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent battery life
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Affordable


  • Bluetooth 4.0 can lead to minor connectivity issues


BrandBlue Tiger
Ear PlacementOn-Ear
Form FactorDonut Style


2. BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset


This best bluetooth headset for truckers is robust and well-built. Additionally, most of the time, they are quite cozy for prolonged use. But the headband is made entirely of metal. Since there is no padding, it may become grating after some time. However, that problem can be resolved by putting a baseball cap underneath the headband. At 71 grams, it is also not too heavy.

Both the head brace and the earcup are padded softly. The earpad itself can also be changed. As a result, you can discover your perfect fit. Any additional earpad, however, will require a separate purchase.


  • BLOCKS OUT BACKGROUND NOISE – Noise cancellation of up to 91%.
  • TALK THROUGH THE DAY – Micro-USB charging and more than 20 hours of talk time.
  • Use two cell phones or a phone and a computer simultaneously with FLEXIBLE CONNECTION.
  • STREAMING YOUR MULTIMEDIA – GPS navigation, music, and more.
  • Roam up to 66 feet from paired Bluetooth devices with WALK AND TALK.
  • Built-in comfort for calls and music that lasts all day, no matter the conditions.


Here are some of the pros and cons of this product: 


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Fully adjustable and rotatable mic
  • It can also be used for office calls
  • Connects instantly with other devices
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Good audio quality


  • Mute functionality does not work with PC
  • No noise cancelation


Model Number203890
Ear PlacementOn-Ear
Form FactorActive Noise Cancellation


3. BlueParrott 450-XT Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott 450-XT Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset


The BlueParrott 450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset is not far behind the Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset, which tops the noise-canceling trucker headsets. It provides outstanding audio quality and blocks up to 96% of outside noises and sounds.

The S450-XT and the 450-XT have nearly identical comfort, durability, wireless connectivity, battery life, and other features. However, the 450-XT outperforms the S450-XT in terms of noise cancellation. It is also a mono headset.


  • Plantronics Bluetooth headset is water resistant thanks to its sturdy construction and P2i nano-coating, which shields it from sweat, water, and dust. 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Controls that are easy to use while wearing gloves are found on the earpieces of mono headsets. Range: Class 1 Bluetooth-enabled device up to 60 feet/20 meters
  • Noise-canceling headphones: Per Plantronics testing of Diesel engine noise at 65dBSPL at 102Hz, the adjustable snake boom and noise-canceling technology, which removes up to 99.6% of transmitting noise, ensure that you are heard clearly and loudly.
  • Comfortable construction: Memory foam headband and earcups on a mono headset with an over-the-head design.
  • Long-lasting battery: A single charge of the Plantronics headset can last up to 24 hours.


Here are some of the pros and cons of this product: 


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise cancelation
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great audio quality
  • Strong build
  • Programmable Parrot button
  • Can pair with multiple devices at once


  • Big and bulky
  • Flashing blue light on the control panel


Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth
Special FeatureWireless


4. Sennheiser Presence UC ML

Sennheiser Presence UC ML


Sennheiser is renowned for its audio recording and reproduction technology. These tiny best bluetooth headsets for truckers provide excellent sound quality.

There are many different ways to fit this headset. All of which are very cozy and offer a tight fit. There are four distinct types of ear sleeves present. Additionally, offering a headband and an ear hook. Therefore, finding the ideal fit shouldn’t be difficult for you. Also, you can wear this headset on your left or right ear.

Additionally, a 2-year warranty that covers the batteries is included with this headset.

Even though it may seem strange, using the best bluetooth headsets for truckers is very simple. Along with a few other features, the multi-function control button allows you to answer and end calls.

Sennheiser shines in this area. Many features improve the sound quality of calls. Call clarity is excellent thanks to SpeakFocus technology and three microphones. With the windows down or outside, WindSafe technology lessens wind noise.


  • Advanced Own-Voice Detection Technology: As you speak, an own-voice-detector recognizes your voice and improves speech clarity and background noise reduction for your listener.
  • Contains a Car Charger, USB Charging Cable, USB Dongle, Ear Hook, and Carrying Case, all of which are intended to keep you prepared wherever you are.
  • Protect your hearing with ActiveGard Technology’s patented hearing protection against acoustic shock brought on by sudden sound bursts.
  • Increased Flexibility: Allows seamless transitions between connected Bluetooth devices by connecting to two mobile phones or a cell phone and a PC.
  • Optimized Speech Clarity: Three digital microphones and special SpeakFocus technology improve voice clarity in all sound environments and give the user consistently clear sound.


Here are some of the pros and cons of this product: 


  • Clear and accurate sound.
  • Excellent noise reduction and cancelation.
  • Automatically adjusts sound profiles
  • Skype Business certified.
  • USB dongle for PC and laptop use.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Expensive.


Model Number615104239135
Ear PlacementOver Ear
Form FactorOne-Ear


5. Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset


Everything you need is included in the Plantronics Voyager 104 best headsets for truckers for your upcoming truck trip. It is not excessively expensive or inexpensive. However, this headset’s performance was far the best of all the trucker headsets we tested.

First off, the battery life is excellent. You can continuously use the best bluetooth headsets for truckers for up to 24 hours on a single charge. The headset also took about 3 hours to fully charge.

Second, we were impressed with this Bluetooth trucker headset’s audio quality. It is a Bluetooth headset that blocks almost 99% of outside noise and has a boom microphone. So you can receive calls without interruptions, even when your truck’s window is open or you’re surrounded by honking cars.

The Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset is comfortable and sturdy, which brings us to our third point. With an adjustable headband, it is a mono headset. The headband and ear cups are both covered in memory foam. Additionally, we had no problems with the headset sweating. The headset is sweat- and water-resistant thanks to the P2i nano-coating.


  • Plantronics Bluetooth headset is water resistant thanks to its sturdy construction and P2i nano-coating, which shields it from sweat, water, and dust. 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Controls that are easy to use while wearing gloves are found on the earpieces of mono headsets. Range: Class 1 Bluetooth-enabled device up to 60 feet/20 meters
  • Noise-canceling headphones: Per Plantronics testing of Diesel engine noise at 65dBSPL at 102Hz, the adjustable snake boom and noise-canceling technology, which removes up to 99.6% of transmitting noise, ensure that you are heard clearly and loudly.
  • Comfortable design: The mono best headsets for truckers with over-the-head construction, memory foam headbands, and earcups offer all-day comfort.
  • Long-lasting battery: Plantronics headsets have a battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge, allowing you to remain connected all day.


Here are some of the pros and cons of this product: 


  • Noise-canceling ear cup design
  • Noise-rejecting microphone
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable for long journeys
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Expensive.


BrandPoly (Platronics + Polycom)
Model Number209797-01
Ear PlacementOn-Ear
Form FactorTwo-Ear


Buying Guide for the Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

While hands-free functionality ought to be your main deciding factor, make sure you also take the following things into account when choosing a trucker headset:


The best bluetooth headsets for truckers have buttons or controls that can play/pause tracks, answer/disconnect calls, change the call volume, and other functions. The best headsets for truckers with voice-activated assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are available these days. Your experience while driving will be better the more intuitive the controls are.

A Decent Microphone  

A microphone is typically included in best bluetooth headsets for truckers so users can answer calls. As a result, the call quality is just as crucial as the microphone quality. Make sure the Bluetooth headset you intend to purchase has a decent microphone. It ought to produce audio that is crystal clear.

Noise Reduction

When you’re in traffic, noise-cancelling the best bluetooth headsets for truckers can greatly aid in providing clear audio. They eliminate interruptions during calls by canceling external sounds and noises.

Outstanding Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most crucial factors when selecting the best bluetooth headsets for truckers. Long-distance travel should be possible and useful (most truck journeys are long distances). During the journey, you won’t have time to stop and recharge your headset. Therefore, make sure the trucker headset you purchase has a powerful battery.

Fit and Comfort 

Ensure the best bluetooth headsets for truckers is cozy, sweat-resistant, and properly fitted since you’ll be wearing them the entire trip. The best headset for truckers that do not offer a precise fit may cause problems rather than be useful. Ensure the headband, and ear cups of any over-the-ear headset you purchase are sufficiently cushioned.

Effortless Operation

Another requirement for truck drivers looking for the best bluetooth headsets for truckers is straightforward hands-free operation. You must avoid all diversions and concentrate solely. It will be simple to use your headset without ever taking your hands off the wheel if the voice command is at your beck and call.

Sound Performance

If the sound quality of earbuds is bad, what’s the point of purchasing them? You would enjoy it just as much if you threw your cash into a fire, doused it in kerosene, and set it ablaze. To enhance your listening experience, ensure your best headsets for truckers uses the most recent audio enhancements and noise cancellation technology.

Battery Life 

When looking for the best bluetooth headsets for truckers, choosing a device with long battery life is also essential to your mission. What makes battery life crucial? To keep you going the entire way, you need a powerful battery.

Because the best bluetooth headsets for truckers battery keeps dying, you don’t want to stop listening to your favorite music or making phone calls. We don’t want you to suffer this needless suffering while you’re stuck on the road making a cross-country delivery because that would be a terrible shame.

Tips for Buying and Using Bluetooth Headsets

Consider your needs before purchasing the best bluetooth headset for truckers. How many talk hours will you require? How loudly will you be employing it? How significant is toughness? Do you require voice commands?

  • Consider Bluetooth wearables in the same way you would shoes. Remember that you’ll be wearing this item for several hours, so try to feel for long-term comfort rather than relying solely on your initial impression.
  • Before you begin driving, practice using the buttons if you plan to use them to answer calls. Feeling isolated will help you recognize the right button.
  • The quickest way to clean your best bluetooth headsets for truckers is with a small cloth dampened with hand sanitizer.

Types of Bluetooth Headsets

Speakers, headphones, and even unexpected items like watches, shoes, and doorknobs can all be equipped with the best headsets for truckers. But for this article, we’re only interested in sound-transmitting hands-free best bluetooth headsets for truckers. These can be divided into in-ear headsets and over-ear headphones that sit on top of your head.

  • Connection Speed

The phrase “near-field connection” (NFC) may sound like a trendy tech term, but all it really means is that your best bluetooth headsets for truckers have a tiny internet that it can use to quickly connect to other wireless devices. Although the best headsets for truckers with NFC don’t always connect more quickly, both speed and range benefit greatly.

Before making a purchase, read reviews about connection speed. Slow best headsets for truckers connections can result in missing calls if you keep your best bluetooth headsets for truckers off to conserve their battery and need to reconnect to talk. You can see how quick connections might make a significant difference because doing so on the highway can be extremely inconvenient.

  • In-Ear Headphones

With a little more technology attached, these resemble the earbuds you may be familiar with if you have an iPhone. They are placed inside the ear and frequently secured with a cuff or other object.

One of these will have a mouthpiece that can pick up the sound if it can be used for calls, just like all the in-ear best bluetooth headsets for truckers we’ve named on our best list. In-ear headphones frequently still have buttons that you can use to answer calls, adjust the volume, or do other things on the connected device, even though they are smaller than over-ear headphones.

  • Over-Ear Headphones

These enormous headsets resemble the large best bluetooth headsets for truckers you see on helicopters or in DJ booths. Some of them might already be in use in your home. They almost always have an adjustable bar to find the perfect fit for your head and sound cups that fit around your ears.

Some Bluetooth headphones are only for listening; others cannot be used to make calls. Those used for calls will have a mouthpiece that protrudes from one side or an integrated microphone. Some of them have buttons you can press to operate the attached device.

  • Controls

Typical Bluetooth headsets give you buttons, voice controls, or both without using the controls on your phone—which you shouldn’t be doing because it’s usually against the law. Because they are frequently small, hard to distinguish, or one button confusable performs several functions, buttons can be challenging. However, they are incredibly useful once you’ve gotten the hang of them.

Voice controls are less dependable but more immediately intuitive. It can be annoying to shout at Siri to call someone when the buttons are right there. It all comes down to what you are most comfortable with. Before you purchase the best headsets for truckers, decide how you want to operate them.

  • Charging Method

Must charge Bluetooth headsets because they are wireless. In some cases, you can charge your phone and do this via USB. However, not every headset has a USB port; some have specialized charging cables.

Because cutting out a wire from the charging process makes sense if you’re going wireless, we prefer USB-charging best headsets for truckers. It results in more convenience and less clutter in your cab. Some drivers prefer the obvious difference between the two cables. The main lesson from this is that it’s critical to understand how your headset charges before you buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the best Bluetooth headset for truckers:

How does sound cancellation function?

Your headset’s tiny microphones will pick up any background noise and add an equal-intensity opposite noise so that your ears hear nothing.

Why should I wash my earpiece?

We frequently remove our earpieces from where bacteria has collected and re-insert them into our ears. Infections and obstructions may result from this.

Why do drivers of trucks use headsets?

Truck drivers must choose between concentrating on driving and returning calls from clients, coworkers, and family. Truck drivers are not allowed to talk on the phone while operating their vehicles, according to FMCSA regulations. Additionally, truck drivers find headsets useful because they have hands-free functions. Truck drivers use Bluetooth headsets to take calls while on the road.

Are headphones permitted for truck drivers?

Most US states forbid drivers from donning headphones or earbuds in both ears. Truck drivers should wear mono headsets whenever possible. Read our article, “Can You Wear Headphones While Driving? ” for state-specific information.

Are earbuds permitted for truck drivers?

Truck drivers may use earbuds only if they leave one ear unoccupied. Otherwise, truck drivers should strongly avoid wearing earbuds. It is not advised for drivers to wear earbuds, especially truck drivers, as they must pay attention to the road and to driving, which requires both of the driver’s ears to be active or at least one of them to be.


Once more, we recommend exploring the options in this guide if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth headset for truckers because we’ve thoroughly tested each one. We consulted with some of our trucker friends to determine the best trucker headsets.

The Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset would win our vote if you asked us to choose the best headset from the available options. It is cozy, reliable, and long-lasting. It delivers crystal-clear sound and excellent noise cancellation. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Blue Tiger Elite Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset may also be a good choice. Although it doesn’t have Plantronics Voyager 104’s superior sound quality, it does have a marginally longer battery life.

We hope you found our article on the top trucker headsets helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments in the section below if you have any questions or suggestions. When we can, we’ll respond to you. For more details, visit our website!

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