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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection In The Market Today, Plus Buyer’s Guide

This guide covered every essential information you need to know for the best bluetooth hearing protection, including how to choose what suits you the best.

Noise-induced hearing loss is a common problem, with millions worldwide experiencing some degree of hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises. One way to protect against this hearing loss is to use hearing protection devices, such as earmuffs or earplugs. These devices work by blocking out or reducing harmful noise levels, which can prevent damage to the delicate hair cells in the inner ear.

However, traditional hearing protection devices can be inconvenient, as they block out all sounds and make it difficult to communicate with others. This is where the best Bluetooth hearing protection comes in. These devices combine the benefits of traditional hearing protection with the convenience of wireless technology, allowing the user to listen to media or communicate via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth hearing protection is an earmuff or earplug equipped with a wireless Bluetooth connection. This technology allows users to listen to music, take phone calls, and interact with virtual assistants without compromising the effectiveness of hearing protection.

bluetooth hearing protection

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Protection

One of the primary benefits of Bluetooth hearing protection is that it enables workers in noisy environments to communicate more easily with each other and supervisors. In industries such as construction and manufacturing, where loud machinery is often used, communicating without shouting or removing the hearing protection can improve safety and productivity.

Bluetooth hearing protection can also enhance the user experience by allowing them to listen to their favorite music or podcasts while they work. This can help reduce stress and improve morale, especially when workers are exposed to loud noises for extended periods.

In addition, Bluetooth hearing protection can help prevent hearing loss by blocking harmful noise levels while still allowing users to hear important sounds, such as alarms or warnings. These best bluetooth earmuffs can be particularly useful for workers at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Overall, Bluetooth hearing protection is an important tool that can help to improve communication, enhance the user experience, and prevent hearing loss in noisy environments.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Looking for the best Bluetooth hearing protection? Check out our list of the top 10 products featuring earmuffs and earplugs with features such as noise cancellation and the ability to amplify softer sounds. Protect your hearing while staying connected with these top-rated options.

1. 3M Worktunes Connect + AM/FM

3M Worktunes Connect

With an NRR of 24dB, the 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector effectively blocks external noise. They also have Bluetooth connectivity, an AM/FM radio, and an optional 3.5mm audio input, giving you more options.

Aside from providing more listening options, the radio feature allows you to switch between your favorite radio stations by pressing a button. These earmuffs also include Safe Volume Control, which automatically adjusts the volume to 82dB to protect your hearing.

The volume and radio tuning controls are clearly labeled and easily accessible. The Audio Assist feature tells you which station you’re listening to, allowing you to save your favorites.

Furthermore, as they rest around your ears, the gel ear cushions help to relieve pressure. So, regardless of the activity, you should be comfortable. Two AA batteries power the 3M Worktunes earmuffs. If you want something more durable, you can replace them with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

The 3M Worktunes Connect + AM/FM earmuffs are the oldest model in the WorkTunes lineup, but they are the only ones with a radio function and the option to use spare batteries. The two newer models, the 3M WorkTunes Connect and the 3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Cushions do not have a radio function and only use rechargeable batteries.

Key features

  • NRR: 24dB
  • Playtime: 8 hours
  • Battery: 2 AA batteries / Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Microphone: Integrated microphone
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Additional features: Audio Assist Technology, Safe Volume Control Technology, On-ear controls
Good build qualityThey are not suitable for shooting as they reduce your situational awareness.
Comfortable and lightweight with excellent built-in battery life, lasting for up to 30 hours on a full chargeNo volume controls on the headphones
Easy to set up and useLow volume
Good sound quality, although the volume is lower than regular headphones.
Great passive earmuff hearing protection
Straightforward controls


2. Walker’s XCEL 100

Walker’s XCEL 100

The earmuffs have an NRR of 26dB, making them effective at blocking external noise and well-suited for various activities, such as shooting at the range or doing yard work. Two dynamic range speakers provide impressive sound quality, and you can further customize your listening experience with four listening modes: Universal, which amplifies all sounds in general; Speech Clarity Mode, which amplifies voices over general sounds; Hi Frequency, which amplifies high-frequency steel sounds when shooting distant targets; and Power Boost, which provides additional amplification for those with hearing issues.

The Walker’s XCEL 100 earmuffs have two omnidirectional mics with Active Dynamic Sound Suppression and Wind Noise Reduction. These features work together to capture your voice clearly during calls and keep conversations smooth. The earmuffs are powered by two AAA batteries, which can be easily replaced if needed, allowing you to continue using the earmuffs even if you don’t have access to a power source. Rechargeable batteries are often preferred, but being able to replace the batteries instantly can be helpful in some situations.

The sturdy, all-plastic construction and ergonomic headband of these bluetooth earmuffs for shooting make them comfortable to wear. The clamping pressure is also just right, staying in place without feeling too tight. The earmuffs are easy to navigate, thanks to accessible buttons for Bluetooth, volume control, power, and listening modes, which are located on the headband instead of the ear cup. This reduces the number of holes in the ear cup, improving the NRR.

One of the main drawbacks of these earmuffs is the weak Bluetooth connection. Even when considering potential Bluetooth interference, the audio can be prone to anomalies when there is much movement, and the connection tends to cut out frequently. This can be frustrating and may affect the overall listening experience.

Key features

  • NRR: 26dB
  • Playtime: 20 hours
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries
  • Microphone: 2 omnidirectional mics
  • Bluetooth version: Undisclosed
  • AM/FM Support: No
  • Additional features: Wind Noise Reduction Technology, Active Dynamic Sound Suppression, Four frequency modes
Excellent sound for music, audiobooks, podcasts, and radio.A little heavy. This can impact stability if you need to do overhead work.
Volume-control method (via a dosimeter) allows for a good volume and doesn’t impair sound quality.It can become uncomfortable after a few hours.


3. Caldwell E-MAX Shadows

Caldwell E-MAX Shadows

The Caldwell E-Max Shadows is a unique offering in the world of electronic earplugs. Unlike many other products, which come in a headset style, the E-Max Shadows are earplugs that fit directly into the ear. This design provides much comfort during use, as there is no headband to weigh down the face. Additionally, the output port of the earpieces is covered in soft foam, ensuring that the earplugs won’t feel itchy or uncomfortable after extended wear.

One of the standout features of the E-Max Shadows is their automatic shut-off function. After every 4 hours of use, the device will turn off to save the battery. This function is a great addition, as it helps extend the device’s battery life. The E-Max Shadows can play music for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

One potential downside of the E-Max Shadows is the volume of the music. Even when adjusted to the maximum level, the sound quality may be lower than desired.

Regarding key features, the E-Max Shadows have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB and are equipped with dual-directional microphones. They also support Bluetooth version 5.0 but do not have AM/FM support. Other notable features include adjustable ambient sound amplification, which allows the user to suppress sound to a safe listening level, and six sizes of custom earpieces for a secure, personalized fit.

Overall, the Caldwell E-Max Shadows are a solid choice for electronic earplugs. They are comfortable to wear and have several convenient features, such as the automatic shut-off function and customizable earpieces. However, some users may be disappointed by the volume of the music.

Key features

  • Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB
  • Playtime of up to 5 hours on a single charge
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Dual directional microphones
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • No AM/FM support
  • Adjustable ambient sound amplification, which allows the user to suppress sound to a safe listening level
Foam ear pads provide a high level of comfort.Inconsistent volume controls
The automatic shut-off function helps extend battery life.Low volume of music, even when adjusted to the maximum level.
The case serves as both storage and charger.
High-quality stereo sounds
Custom-fit design with six sizes of custom earpieces available.


4. Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection

The Caldwell E-Max Low Profile is a cordless electronic muff that provides clear, high-quality sound during phone calls. One of its standout features is its volume control, which allows the user to adjust the volume to a safe level using buttons on the sides of the ear cups. Additionally, the E-Max Low Profile has two microphones on each side, designed to record detailed voices in a clear state and transmit them to the person you are contacting. With its stereo amplification system, this device provides crystal clear sounds for a natural listening experience.

The E-Max Low Profile runs on either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or three AAA batteries (which must be purchased separately). It has an adjustable headband and padded ear cups for comfort and features gun-shot noise reduction technology. It is also compatible with both rechargeable and single-use batteries.

One potential downside of the E-Max Low Profile is that it may produce static noise during use. Additionally, the AAA batteries are not included in the product.

In terms of key features, the E-Max Low Profile has a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24dB and is equipped with dual microphones. It also has volume control buttons and stereo sound. The battery can be a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or a replaceable AAA battery.

Overall, the Caldwell E-Max Low Profile is a solid choice for electronic muffs. It offers clear, high-quality sound during phone calls and has convenient features like volume control and gun-shot noise reduction. However, it may produce static noise and does not come with AAA batteries.

Key Features

  • Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24dB
  • Dual microphone
  • Adjustable headband and padded ear cups for comfort
  • Safe volume control technology
  • The battery can be either an AAA replaceable or rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
Stereo amplification provides natural soundAAA batteries are not included
Gun-shot noise reduction technologyIt may produce static noise during use
Volume control buttons
Dual microphones for clear voice recording
Compatible with both rechargeable and single-use batteries


5. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protector

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protector

The Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH is a wireless hearing protector for clear communication in noisy environments. With a noise reduction rating (N.R.R.) of 26 decibels, it is suitable for use while gun shooting, making it a reliable choice for hunters. The high N.R.R. also helps to reduce environmental noise, allowing for smooth and clear communication even in noisy situations.

One of the key features of the Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH is its adjustable and vented headband, which allows for a customized fit and comfortable wear. The device also features recessed microphones that reduce wind and fan noise to ensure clear communication.

One potential downside of the Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH is that it does not come with A.A. batteries, so you will need to purchase these separately. Additionally, some users may find the device difficult to adjust due to its stiff construction.

Overall, the Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH is a reliable choice for those who need a hearing protector that supports clear communication in noisy environments. Its high N.R.R. and recessed microphones effectively reduce noise and improve communication, and the adjustable and vented headband provides a comfortable fit.

Key Features

  • With a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels, the Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH can effectively reduce noise and protect your hearing.
  • The device has recessed microphones designed to reduce wind and fan noise and ensure clear communication.
  • The Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH features an adjustable and vented headband, which allows for a customized fit and comfortable wear.
  • The device has an automatic shut-off function that helps to save battery life.
  • The device has intuitive buttons and voice guidance that make it easy to use and navigate.
  • The Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH is powered by a replaceable A.A. battery, which you will need to purchase separately.
The earmuffs have a high volume range and a high rating for noise reduction.The earmuffs do not come with a battery.
They have an automatic shut-off feature to save battery life.They may be difficult to adjust due to their stiff construction.
They provide ear protection for shooting.
The headband is flexible and has ventilation for a comfortable fit.
They can isolate all background sounds for clear communication in noisy environments.


6. 3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC

3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC

The 3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC is a Bluetooth headset with a modern design. It is notable for its comfortable fit, strong ear protection, and long battery life.

One of the standout features of this device is its easy-to-use, single-button interface. With just one click, you can adjust the headset’s features, including pausing or playing music, advancing tracks, and returning to previously played songs. The device also has a built-in battery that allows for up to 30 hours of continuous use, and it comes with a physical cable for convenient charging. When the device is not in use, it will automatically shut off to save power, but it can easily be turned back on with a single touch.

One downside of the 3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC is that it does not have a volume control knob or button. You must connect the headset to your mobile phone to adjust the volume. Despite this limitation, the device has several other useful features, including a high noise reduction rating of 24 dB, compatibility with Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices, and a comfortable headband and cushioned ear parts.

Overall, the 3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC is a reliable and convenient Bluetooth headset that offers long battery life, easy-to-use controls, and strong ear protection. Its support for wireless and wired connections and its single-button interface make it a convenient choice for those who need a reliable headset for work or other activities.

Key Features

  • 24 dB noise reduction rating (N.R.R.) for strong ear protection
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Integrated microphone for clear communication
  • Compatibility with both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices for flexible connections
  • Comfortable headband and cushioned ear parts for extended wear
  • Single-button interface for easy use and control
  • Audio and voice assist for convenient navigation.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for long-lasting use.
Long battery life with up to 30 hours of playtimeLow volume output.
High levels of noise reduction with a rating of 24 dBLack of volume adjustment
Easy-to-use single-button interface
Convenient charging with physical cables included
Flexibility with both wireless and wired connections


7. 3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Ear Cushions Hearing Protector 90544-SIOC

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Ear Cushions Hearing Protector 90544-SIOC

The 3M WorkTunes 90544-SIOC is a cordless device that enhances the music listening experience. It has a one-button interface that is easy to use and allows users to conveniently change the basic settings, even when wearing gloves. The device also has gel ear cushions that are soft and comfortable, as well as a flexible headband that helps it stay close to the head.

The 90544-SIOC model has high-fidelity speakers that produce high-quality sound and support playing music at loud volumes. However, it does not have a volume adjustment function, and users can only increase or decrease the sound levels through the mobile device they are connected to.

The device has several key features, including an NRR of 23 dB, a playback time of 8 hours, an integrated microphone, and a built-in rechargeable battery. It also has a single-button interface, padded ear cushions, and a flexible headband for comfort.

Overall, the 3M WorkTunes 90544-SIOC is a good choice for those who want a comfortable and convenient way to listen to music while working. It has a single-button interface and padded ear cushions for ease of use, high-fidelity speakers for great sound quality, and an integrated microphone for making phone calls. However, it does not have a volume adjustment function and relatively short playback time.

Key features

  • NRR of 23 dB
  • Playback time of 8 hours
  • Integrated microphone
  • Flexible headband and soft ear cushions for comfort
  • High-fidelity speakers
  • Single-button interface
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
One-button interface for ease of useNo volume adjustment function
Padded ear cushions and flexible headband for comfortShort playback time
High-fidelity speakers for excellent sound quality
High NRR for protection during communication
Integrated microphone for making phone calls


8. Honeywell Impact Sport

Honeywell Impact Sport

The Honeywell Impact Sport earmuffs are a high-quality set of shooting earmuffs that offer a good balance of build, hearing protection, and affordability. They are the most popular set of shooting earmuffs on the market and are made by a leading specialist in hearing safety products.

In addition to being earmuffs, the Impact Sport earmuffs can also be used as headphones and amplify passive sounds up to 85 dB, allowing users to hear range commands or conversations but not the high-impact sounds of guns fired. The controls for playback and volume are large and robust, making them easy to use even when wearing gloves.

The Impact Sport earmuffs are available in many colors, making it easy to find a set that matches your style or purpose for shooting. They are designed to be lightweight, free of excess bulk, and have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 dB.

The Impact Sport earmuffs must be connected to a smartphone via a cable and require AA batteries to listen to music. The battery life is reportedly very long, and users may not need to change the power source.

Overall, the Honeywell Impact Sport earmuffs are a durable and well-fitting option available in various colors and have easy-to-use controls. However, they do not have Bluetooth connectivity and must be used with a cable, which may be restrictive for some shooters.

Key features

  • Slimline design that is lightweight and free of excess bulk
  • Over ten color options to choose from
  • Large and robust controls that can be operated with gloves
  • NRR of 22 dB
Available in multiple color options, including high visibility orange and yellow for huntersLack of Bluetooth connectivity, requiring use with a cable that may be restrictive for some shooters
The intuitive placement of controls makes them easy to use with gloves.
Extremely durable and well-fitting


9. Surefire Sonic Defenders

Surefire Sonic Defenders

Surefire Sonic Defenders are earplugs for hearing protection during shooting and other loud activities. They feature a polymer ear hook system that keeps them securely in place, even when the wearer is moving or under load. The triple-flange ear tips grip the inner ear and increase the noise reduction rating (NRR) to 24 decibels. They also have a wire connecting the left and right plugs to prevent them from getting lost. 

One unique feature of the Sonic Defenders is the porthole that runs through them, with a closing cap on the end. The user can hear and normally talk when the cap is open, but when it’s closed, the ears are protected from loud discharges. This allows the wearer to have conversations without fully removing the earplugs.

The Sonic Defenders are trusted by military and law enforcement and come in multiple color options for use in tactical, hunting, and civilian situations. However, they can be more difficult to install than standard earbuds and use proprietary parts that can only be purchased from Surefire. Overall, the Sonic Defenders offer a secure fit and enable passive listening through optional venting, making them a practical choice for hearing protection.

Key features

  • The military and law enforcement trust the Surefire Sonic Defenders.
  • They are available in multiple colors for various situations, such as tactical, hunting, and civilian use.
  • They have a port-plug opening that allows for passive sound.
  • The noise reduction rating (NRR) is 24 decibels.
The ear hooks provide a secure fit, even when moving aggressively.They are more difficult to install compared to standard earbuds.
Passive listening is possible through optional venting.Proprietary parts can only be purchased from Surefire.
The lanyard ear-to-ear mechanism prevents the left or right defender from getting lost.


10. Walker’s Silencer BT 2.0

Walker’s Silencer BT 2.0

The Walker’s Silencer 2.0 earbuds are well-known in the shooting community and are considered one of the leading brands in creating true wireless earbuds for shooting. They focus on providing high-quality earbuds that reduce noise and work well for their intended purpose. The Silencer 2.0 model is an improvement from the previous generation and is well-made and comfortable to wear. It also includes an ear hook that helps keep the earbuds secure during operation.

The Silencer 2.0 earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides a more stable connection, lower latency, and better battery life. They can be used as everyday wireless earbuds and for shooting and are compatible with Android and Apple devices. The accompanying app allows users to control the left and right channel volumes separately, which is useful for adjusting the earbuds to hear range commands or other sounds while still listening to music.

The Silencer 2.0 earbuds have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB and are designed by shooters for shooters. They are very durable and tough but are also quite expensive compared to conventional earbuds.

Key features

  • Well-made and comfortable
  • Can be used as everyday wireless earbuds as well as for shooting
  • The accompanying app has useful features.
  • NRR of 24 dB
American companyVery expensive compared to conventional earbuds
Designed by shooters for shooters
Tough and durable


How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection

When choosing the best bluetooth hearing protection, there are several factors to consider.


First, selecting a product certified by the appropriate regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or the European Union (EU), is important. This will ensure that the hearing protection meets the necessary safety standards and will provide adequate protection against harmful noise levels.

Fit and Comfort

Second, consider the fit and comfort of the hearing protection. If the earmuffs or earplugs are uncomfortable, workers may be less likely to use them, which can compromise their effectiveness. Try on the hearing protection before purchasing to ensure that it fits well and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


Third, look for hearing protection compatible with a wide range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This will allow workers to connect their personal devices to the hearing protection and use them to listen to music, take phone calls, and interact with virtual assistants.

Noise Reduction Rating

Fourth, consider the hearing protection’s noise reduction rating (NRR). The NRR measures how effective the hearing protection is at reducing noise levels, and the higher the rating, the better the protection. Select hearing protection with an NRR appropriate for the workplace’s noise level.


Fifth, consider the durability of the hearing protection. In noisy environments, hearing protection is likely to be subjected to rough treatment, so choosing a product built to last is important. Look for earmuffs or earplugs that are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy use.


Finally, consider the cost of hearing protection. While investing in high-quality products is important, it’s also important to stay within budget. Look for hearing protection that offers a good balance of quality and affordability.

By carefully considering these factors, it’s possible to select hearing protection that will effectively protect against harmful noise levels and enhance the user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about bluetooth hearing protection? If that’s the case, feel free to check the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the best bluetooth hearing protection and other relevant topics.

What is Bluetooth hearing protection? 

Bluetooth hearing protection is a type of earplug or earmuff with built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing the wearer to wirelessly connect to their phone, music player, or other devices.

How does Bluetooth hearing protection work?

Bluetooth hearing protection works by using a small Bluetooth chip or module built into the earplugs or earmuffs. When paired with a device, it allows the user to listen to music, make phone calls, or access other audio content wirelessly.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth hearing protection?

Some benefits of Bluetooth hearing protection include listening to music or making phone calls while working in loud environments, the convenience of not having to deal with tangled wires, and the ability to access audio content without removing the earplugs or earmuffs.

What should I consider when choosing Bluetooth hearing protection?

When choosing Bluetooth hearing protection, you should consider factors such as the noise reduction rating (NRR), the fit and comfort of the earplugs or earmuffs, the battery life and charging options, the Bluetooth range and compatibility with your devices, and the overall durability of the product.

Can I use Bluetooth hearing protection for shooting?

Yes, some Bluetooth hearing protection products are designed for shooting and offer a high NRR to protect against loud noises. However, it’s important to note that Bluetooth technology can be disrupted by gunfire and may not work as intended in all situations.

Can I use Bluetooth hearing protection while driving?

Using Bluetooth hearing protection while driving is generally not recommended, as it can be dangerous to have your ears covered while operating a vehicle. Instead, consider using a hands-free device or speakerphone to make phone calls while driving.

How do I care for my Bluetooth hearing protection?

To care for your Bluetooth hearing protection, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. This may include removing the earplugs or earmuffs from the charging case for storage, cleaning the earplugs or earmuffs with a soft, dry cloth, and replacing the batteries or charging the device as needed. You should also be mindful of the manufacturer’s warranty and return policies in case of any issues with the product.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth hearing protection is a convenient and practical choice for those who work in loud environments or participate in activities such as shooting. It allows the user to access audio content wirelessly, without the hassle of tangled wires and can be paired with devices such as phones and music players. When choosing Bluetooth hearing protection, it’s important to consider factors such as the noise reduction rating, fit and comfort, battery life, and compatibility with your devices. With proper care and maintenance, Bluetooth hearing protection can provide reliable and convenient hearing protection for various situations.

We hope you found our article on the best Bluetooth hearing protection helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments in the section below if you have any questions or suggestions. When we can, we’ll respond to you. For more details, visit our website to explore a wide range of headphones and earplugs to help protect your hearing in any situation.

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