Charge AirPods Without Case

A comprehensive Guide on How to Charge AirPods Without Case & Buying Guide in 2022

Although expensive, we frequently misplace the charging cases for Airpods, or they go ruined after a short time. We can’t let go of the AirPods so easily; we need them simply for charging. This alternative guide reviews how to charge AirPods without case and which one suits you best.

Is your tension of losing the expensive on how to charge AirPods without case upsetting you? And that too, because you don’t know how to charge it without the case. Let us help you with this problem by letting you teach you how to charge AirPods without the case. 

Airpods are pricey products, but unfortunately, we lose the charging cases, or it gets spoiled after a few months. However, only for the charger, we can’t let go of the AirPods so quickly. Let’s get a look at some solutions to this costly problem.

To know these aspects, follow the instructions or steps below on how to charge airpods without case. Start it and get the solution.

How Can AirPods Be Charged Without A Case? 

Our travel and work companions are charge AirPods without case. Therefore, you may discover how to charge AirPods without a case, how to charge AirPods Pro without a case, or how to charge wireless earbuds without a case to use them for a long time and get away from the wired headphones.

Check the battery on your AirPods. 

There is yet another technique to confirm it to receive confirmation. By lifting the charge AirPods without case cover, you can check the battery level on your iPhone device. You may check the charge state by holding it close to your iPhone. Take one airport out of the case, though, if you want to inspect the condition of the several earpiece batteries.

Spend money on a wireless charging case.  

Whether you have first- or second-generation AirPods, Apple demonstrates how to use them if you have them but don’t have their case. To solve this issue, they developed wireless charge AirPods without case. You may get this case for your AirPods separately. But let’s see how this case performs while the AirPods are being charged.

  • Place the wireless case with your AirPods inside on any Qi-compatible charging stand or mat.
  • Check the status light; it will turn on for a brief period of time before going off.

If the charging process is proceeding smoothly, the light will go off; nevertheless, if it doesn’t charge, move the case. The charging cable connection should be examined on both sides.

Don’t Base Your Experiments on Myths. 

As stated above, you cannot charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro without the charging case. Therefore, we strongly advise you to avoid believing the following myths:

Myth 1: You Can Charge AirPods With a Narrow Pin Charger. 

No, you cannot use a narrow pin to charge AirPods without case. You could even end up breaking your AirPods.

For a short time using this technique, you must immediately enter the pin into your AirPods. We attempted this approach; however, the AirPods would not pair. Therefore, sticking to the proper procedure, which involves utilizing a wireless charging cover rather than experimenting, is preferable.

Many of our readers attempted to use the narrow pin charger included with the Nokia 1110 to charge their AirPods and AirPods Pro, but like us, they wound up damaging their AirPods more than they managed to charge them. Keep in mind that charging your AirPods at the incorrect voltage will result in their destruction.

Myth 2: You Can Recharge Your AirPods’ Battery With a Mobile App.

Another widespread misconception is that you can use smartphone applications to recharge your AirPods. You cannot; that approach is unreliable. None of the apps we tried that claimed to charge AirPods were successful. So it’s recommended to stay away from the mobile app option. It implies that only when charging your AirPods are they secure.

Recommendation of Airpods Charging Case

Apple wireless charging cases are not the only option to buy for your lost case. There are other options to look for. 

1. Charge airPods without Case, Hvshax Wireless Charging Case

Charge AirPods Without Case, Hvshax Wireless Charging Case


Galaxy Pro Buds Wireless Charging Case. Charge AirPods without case is not the genuine Galaxy Pro Bud charger. Also quite similar to the original in terms of appearance, size, and weight. Product Specifications: Size: 50*50*28mm Type-C Cable Length: 1m/3.3ft Capacity: 700mah Input: 5V/0.3 to 5A NOTE: 1. The charging case is exclusive to Galaxy Buds Pro. 2. Not compatible with Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds+, or Galaxy Buds is the charging case. 


  • Safe Protection: Smart chips in the Galaxy Buds Pro guard against short circuits, overcurrents, and overcharging.
  • Compact and light-weight: The charging case’s dimensions and weight are similar to those of the original charging case, making it very easy to carry around.
  • You will receive a user manual, a charging case for the Galaxy Buds Pro, and a USB-C cable. And 24-hour online customer care, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Replacement Galaxy Buds Pro charging case: This case is not the manufacturers. It does not come with wireless Bluetooth earbuds.
  • The charger has a 700mah large capacity and can fully recharge the Galaxy Buds Pro roughly three times.


Compatible DevicesEarphones
Compatible Phone ModelsSamsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Shell TypeSoft
Form FactorCase


2.  Charge airPods without Case, SingDeRing Protective Case Cover with Qi Wireless Charging 

Charge AirPods Without Case, SingDeRing Protective Case Cover with Qi Wireless Charging


SingDeRing is a snug-fitting design and perfectly encircles the AirPods. With Qi-enabled wireless chargers, it operates without a hitch. Therefore, to effortlessly charge your AirPods case, place it on a compatible charger.

A smart chip is included in the wireless charging cover to protect against overheating and short-circuiting. It can provide your earbuds with the crucial protection they need from everyday bumps.

Additionally, the cover’s smooth surface makes it comfortable to hold.


  • Protection: Your AirPods charging case is expertly crafted with a perfect fit to guard against drops and scratches. Thanks to special surface treatment technologies, you will get the same tactile sense with your Airpods.
  • Compatible – All QI standard wireless chargers are compatible. You can also use your wireless charger to recharge your AirPods and phone.
  • Wireless Charging: This first-generation AirPods charging case is a protective case with wireless charging capabilities so that you may charge them without a cord. You can charge your AirPods very effectively by simply placing the charging case in this case and placing it on any QI wireless charger.    


Compatible DevicesEarphones
Form FactorCase
Age RangeAdult


3. Charge airPods without Case, R-fun AirPods Case Cover

Charge AirPods Without Case, R-fun AirPods Case Cover


Here is a stylish wireless charge AirPods without case to show off your sense of fashion. It has a 0.29mm see-through thin wall that lets you always view the indicator’s state. Additionally, the exact cutouts guarantee unhindered access to all functions.

The included carabiner makes it simple to connect to your bag or belt loop, and flexible, shock-resistant elastomers guard against bumps, drops, and scratches. Finally, it’s inexpensive and is offered in a wide range of eye-catching hues.


  • A flexible and shock-resistant, high-quality elastomer protects your AirPods Case from bumps, drops, and scratches from things like keys and cosmetics] without adding any bulk.
  • Each Airpods case has a metal carabiner clasp, which makes it simple to fasten the Airpod pouch to a handbag or a backpack.
  • Warm Recommendations: The package includes an AirPods.
  • Upgrade: The Case Cover for the AirPods Case works flawlessly with wired and wireless charging. There is a front LED for the wireless charging case.


Compatible DevicesEarphones
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 
Shell TypeSoft
Form FactorCase


4. Charge airPods without Case, Wireless Charging Case for Airpods Uverbon Qi Wireless Charger Cover

Charge AirPods Without Case, Wireless Charging Case for Airpods Uverbon Qi Wireless Charger Cover


Use the Uverbon Qi wireless charge airpods without case to turn your home and workplace into a wireless environment. You have complete freedom to remove the AirPods case from your pocket and place it on the mat, thanks to the silicone protective case.

This case shields your charge AirPods without case from bumps and scratches because it is made of durable polycarbonate and high-quality microfibre. With MultiProtect technology, which offers protection against over-voltage, short-circuits, and power surges, you can guard your AirPods and charging case against daily damage.


  • Electrical plug-equipped products are made with American consumers in mind. This gadget may require an adapter or converter to be used while you are traveling because outlets and voltage vary from one nation to the next. Please check compatibility before purchasing. 


Form FactorCase


5. Charge airPods without Case, Neotrix Wireless Charging Receiver Adapter for AirPods Case

Charge AirPods Without Case, Neotrix Wireless Charging Receiver Adapter for AirPods Case


The charge AirPods without case from NeotrixQI is scratch-resistant and protects the charging case from dirt and debris. It effortlessly fits because it was made exclusively for AirPods. In addition, the smart IC offers fully protected fast wireless charging capabilities.

It also has a tiny box and keychain for securely carrying the AirPods.

In addition to all of this, there are two other color choices.


  • Faster charge: The AirPods can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours, thanks to a built-in smart chip regulating the circuits more effectively.
  • Easy to Use – Insert your AirPods into the case, close the lid, and set the induction area side down on the Qi wireless charger. It is compatible with any Qi-compliant wireless charger, including the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Wireless Charger.
  • Well protection: The smart QI wireless charging chip embedded into your AirPods can safeguard them while they’re being charged, significantly lower the charging temperature, and increase wireless charging effectiveness.
  • Enjoy Wireless Charging for your AirPods with the Wireless Charger for AirPods! For a wireless charging experience, put your original AirPods in the wireless charging case and place it on a Qi wireless charger.
  • ABS is used to create a thin, durable shell that protects your charging case from dents and scratches. Long-lasting scratch defense keeps your AirPods charging case spotless and unblemished.


Compatible DevicesQl Wireless Apple Airpods Earbuds
Compatible Phone ModelsApple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS Max
Shell TypeHard
Form FactorCase


2 Tips on how to Charge AirPods Without a Case

In the course of our research, we have discovered two other techniques that you can charge airpods without case.

Although we are unsure if these two methods will be successful or not, you can still try them in an emergency.

Tip 1: Download an app  

We can charge AirPods without case via an app to enable use without a charging case. Observe the directions.

Step 1: Launch a browser and instruct it with a command

First, open your phone’s browser and type app inject. Cc into the search field.

Step 2: Look for the “Airpods Charger” app.

If you can’t find it right away on the screen, scroll down and search for it. After your search, find the “AirPods charging” app.

Step 3: Press “Inject” and wait until the blue line has fully loaded.

Click the “inject” button after selecting the program to launch the download process. Let the blue line fully load after that. It will take a while to wait for it to be finished.

Step 4: Comply with the Conditions

The app will request two conditions, including downloading two apps and using each for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Install any two apps 

Install any two programs you choose from the list. Instantaneously, it will unlock. 

Step 6: Run each program for approximately 30 seconds.

After downloading both, run each program for at least 30 seconds.

Step 7: Use the app to interact

You must interact with the apps; don’t just leave them open.

You don’t have to be an expert to interact, so don’t worry. Just keep both apps active.

Step 8: Install the App and Charge Your AirPods While You’re Out and About

You can receive your desired application once the conditions are met. Then, wherever you are, charge your AirPods.

Tip 2: Narrow Pin Charger 

We also have a different method if you want to how to charge AirPods without case using an app. And it is a charger with a few small pins that will enable you to charge your AirPods while wearing no case.

According to our study, a Nokia model 1110 has a charger with a few narrow pins. If you don’t have a mobile device from that model, don’t panic; you can get a narrow pin converter. Using that converter, your Android charger will be converted to a narrow pin charger. 

In addition, you can try charging your AirPods with another charger with a few narrow pins. Take a chance and use your AirPods.

People suggesting you can use the “narrow pin charger” from an ancient Nokia phone to charge your AirPods is something you’ll come across repeatedly when hunting for answers to your “chargerless” problem.

Theoretically, how to charge AirPods without case and charger’s contact points are similar enough for them to charge. That theory is, to be honest, twofold: 

Dangerous: You can easily harm on how to charge AirPods without case if you get some power to leak from the charger into them. Your AirPods’ tiny batteries are probably unable to withstand a sudden surge in electrical current because of their small size. One of the things your AirPods charging case does is give the correct quantity of electricity to AirPods and supply them with power.

False: The contact points on AirPods and “narrow pin chargers” are different. Because of their two tiny contact points on the bottom, they cannot charge Aipods with chargers with thin pins.

Is AirPods Chargeable in Other Cases?  

Yes, you can use a different case to charge AirPods without case. On how to charge AirPods without case will continue to charge even if they are not attached to the case, provided they are compatible with it.

So you may temporarily charge your AirPods using a friend’s case. Just be sure to use charging cases designed specifically for the model of AirPods you have.

For example, you cannot use an AirPods Pro case with AirPods Gen 1-3, and the opposite is true. Additionally, if you attempt to connect the AirPods while they are charging in a different charging case, your iPhone cannot recognize them.

Obviously, this is only a temporary solution since you cannot keep utilizing your friend’s AirPods case.

How much does a genuine AirPods case cost?

Depending on the generation of on how to charge AirPods without case you have, the price of the original AirPods case varies.

The price of the third-generation AirPods case and the AirPods pro case differs from that of the first and second generations of AirPods cases, which are roughly equally priced. 

The Price of Online Shopping Websites

The replacement oh how to charge AirPods without case for the first and second generations costs roughly $70.

The AirPods Pro charging case is available on online retail websites. The costs start at around $35.

  • The Price on the Apple Website.
  • Replacement charging cases for third-generation AirPods cost $59 each.
  • Cost of Wireless Charging Case: $79.
  • MagSafe Charging Case is $79 in price.
  • An AirPods Pro charging case costs $89.
  • Costing $99 is the MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods Pro.

Setting Up Your Replacement AirPods Charging Case Before Use

Before using your replacement AirPods without case, you must configure it.

If you borrow a friend’s charging case, you have to reset it each time you need to use it.

You need to set it up once if you change your charging case with a new one.

Following the instructions below will enable your new AirPods case:

  • It should open your iOS apps.
  • Access Bluetooth
  • Click the Information icon next to the name of your AirPods.
  • To forget this device, choose it.
  • To confirm, tap Forget device once more.
  • In the charging case, keep the AirPods.
  • Open the charging case’s lid. The status light ought should beep amber.
  • The setup button on the case’s back should be pressed and held.
  • When the status light flashes white, let go of the button.
  • Go to your device’s Home Screen by navigating there.
  • The setup window that appears on your device has a Connect option.
  • Click Done.

You can now utilize your newly configured AirPod case.

How to Charge AirPods Using the Alternative Wireless Charging Case and Lightning Cable?

Utilizing a different on how to charge AirPods without case and a lightning cable, follow these instructions to charge your AirPods first generation, AirPods Pro, AirPods second generation, and AirPods third generation:

  • Either a USB-C to Lightning or a USB to Lightning cable should be used.
  • Connect the Lightning cable to your device’s Lightning port.
  • Connect the cable’s opposite end to a USB port or charger.

Always remember that charging is the quickest and most effective when done with an iPhone or iPad USB charger or a Mac.

Also, keep in mind that from one alternative wireless charging case to another, the location of the status light may change.

How come my AirPods case won’t charge?

Here are a few things to examine if you’re wondering why the charging case for your AirPods is not working:

How come my AirPods case won’t charge?

Here are a few things to examine if you’re wondering why the charging case for your AirPods is not working:

Do the connections exist?

Ensure the charging mat is properly positioned and connected to the power outlet if you use it to charge AirPods without case or AirPods Pro case.

Similarly, ensure the Lightning cable is properly plugged in, and the power adapter is correctly attached to the power outlet if the AirPods charging case or Apple’s wireless headphones AirPods Max is charging.

Do You Need to Reset the Case?

Use the “Reset” option on how to charge AirPods without case for your AirPods isn’t working. Here’s how to restart the wireless charging case for your AirPods:

Locate the setup button on the case’s backside.

Up to 15 seconds should pass after you press it and hold it before you see amber and white light blink.

The charging case has now been reset, and that’s all.

Does the Charging Port on the Case Need to Be Cleaned?

Cleaning the charging port of the charging case, especially the bottom silver portions, is necessary if inspecting the connections and resetting the charging case are ineffective.

Here’s how to clean the port on the charging case:

  • Enter the charging port with a toothpick or static brush.
  • Gently sweep the dirt away.
  • Retry after connecting the charger’s lightning wire.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about how to charge an AirPods without a case: 

When you lose the AirPods case, how do you charge your AirPods?

Using the AirPods case is the only way to charge your AirPods. You must purchase a new AirPod case if you misplace the original. You can purchase a replacement case or borrow one from a friend. Use the supplied AirPod case if you have more than one pair of AirPods.

Is it possible to charge your AirPods without the case?

No! Without the AirPods case, you cannot charge your AirPods. On the internet, there is some false information on this subject. Avoid believing such information at all costs to avoid harming your AirPods.

How should I use my AirPods case?

You can take out your AirPods and start moving if you have your case with you. Charging: The AirPods case contains a charging port and can hold several additional full charges. Checking the status of your AirPods: You can check the status of your AirPods by looking at the light blinking on the case.

How Do I Disable My AirPods Case?

Unfortunately, cannot turn off the case of your AirPods. Because the Apple AirPods and their wireless charging case are made to constantly “be ready for use,” your AirPods will continue to charge as long as they are in the charging case. They are prepared for use when you remove the lid and open the container.

The AirPods case’s button is NOT an ON/BUTTON. When necessary, it is utilized to configure the AirPods or reset the case.

Can I use the charge of my AirPods to my iPhone?

Since they do not come with a charger, as you are already aware, you can only recharge AirPods with their charging case. However, you can charge your iPhone using the lightning connection included with the charging case.

How can I connect my AirPods without a case?

The good news is that you can connect AirPods without a case. Please be aware that the first time you link your AirPods or AirPods Pro with your Apple phone, you will need your case.

Can an AirPod Case Be Charged Without Earbuds? 

Without a set of headphones, you can still charge your AirPods case. Different batteries power the AirPods and the AirPod case. Because of this, the AirPod case and the earbuds can each be charged separately.

The charge from charging the AirPod case without the earbuds is retained in the case’s battery until you need to recharge them.

Can You Charge Your AirPods in Another Case?

Yes, you can use a separate case to charge your AirPods.You can use a friend’s AirPods case to charge your AirPods if you misplace your own. The Apple Store is another site where you can order a replacement.

When you lose the AirPods case, how do you charge your AirPods?

Using the AirPods case is the only way to charge your AirPods.

You must purchase a new AirPod case if you misplace the original. You can purchase an AirPods case or borrow one from a friend.

Use the supplied AirPod case if you have more than one pair of AirPods.


You cannot charge your normal AirPods or AirPods Pro without the charging case, as you’ve read in this post. The best and only true solution is to purchase a replacement casing because it is NOT POSSIBLE.

However, purchase a dependable, high-quality replacement case even if it is a little pricey. Your AirPods’ audio playback may suffer if the case is of poor quality. If you’ve misplaced your AirPods charging case, you may also read our post on how to locate your missing case for some effective quick fixes.

We genuinely hope our guide on charging AirPods without a case was helpful. For more details, just visit our website there’s powerpress a lot of details that indicate here. 

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