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Corsair HS70 Wireless: An Outstanding Guide In 2023

Everyone wants to root for an underdog, and the HS70 Pro Wireless may be the way to go. I’ll test if the HS70 Pro Wireless sets itself apart from the pack and manage to check all the boxes at an affordable price. In this ultimate guide, you will learn more about corsair hs70 wireless. Continue…

Nowadays, finding a pair of gaming headphones that check all the right boxes is hard. It seems one pair has the best sound quality, while another offers top build quality, functionality, or style. Obtaining all of these in one set can seem impossible when looking for a new pair.

The HS70 Pro headphones sport a polished aesthetic similar to the Corsair HS60 Pro. Sometimes polish can misguide users into thinking they receive a quality product rather than the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with the most affordable headphones. We’ve been waiting for a pair to break this stereotype.

Everyone wants to root for an underdog, and the HS70 Pro Wireless may be the way to go. I’ll test if the HS70 Pro Wireless sets itself apart from the pack and manage to check all the boxes at an affordable price.

The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is a wireless upgrade of the HS50/HS60s. They are both identically constructed, even down to the detailing. For those wishing to cut the cord on a budget, this wireless pair from Corsair offers a good selection of hardware controllers and functions.

The PC gaming industry’s largest company, Corsair, produces everything from internal parts to peripherals like mice, keyboards, and headsets.

What is Corsair HS70 Wireless? 

corsair hs70 pro review

Nowadays, it’s challenging to locate a set of gaming headphones that fulfills all the necessary criteria. While one pair has the finest sound, another offers the best build quality, utility, or style. Finding all of these in one set could seem impossible when hunting for a new pair.

Similar to the Corsair HS60 Pro headphones, hs70 wireless has a refined appearance. Polish occasionally deceive consumers into believing they are getting a high-quality item rather than the bare minimum. Unfortunately, most inexpensive headphones have this issue. We’ve been waiting for a couple to defy this preconceived notion.

The HS70 Pro Wireless might be the way to go because everyone loves to support the underdog. This HS70 Pro Wireless stands out and accomplishes all the necessary tasks at a reasonable cost.

With memory foam ear cushions and 50mm neodymium audio drivers that have been specially tuned, the Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless gaming headset provides comfort and quality, and it is made to last thanks to its lightweight and robust design. Low-latency 2. 4GHz wireless lets you connect to your PC or PS4, while a fully detachable, noise-canceling unidirectional microphone ensures you are heard. Enjoy 7. 1 surround sound on your PC with a battery life of up to 16 hours and a wireless range of up to 40 feet. While Corsair iCUE software allows you to fine-tune all your settings from a single user-friendly interface, on-ear volume, and mute buttons simplify modifying audio on-the-fly.

The HS70 Pro Wireless offers good build quality for a relatively affordable price. Except for the detachable microphone, nothing about the HS70 Pro Wireless feels cheap. These set the bar for good build quality in affordable headphones and are robust enough to withstand years of gaming use. Future models should include a higher-quality microphone. It has a steady background hum and doesn’t minimize background noise. Moreover, connectivity has to be enhanced, as the hs70 wireless experiences latency and drop-out problems at distances of 10 feet or more from their USB Bluetooth adapter.


hs70 pro wireless

Here are some of the pros and cons of this product: 


  • Wireless Bluetooth for PC/PS4
  • Detachable mic
  • 16 hr battery life
  • Volume dial
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • Great build quality


  • Connectivity may drop if you are more than 10 feet from a USB dongle.
  • The PS4 does not support 7.1 surround sound.
  • No support for mobile.
  • Mic pulls up background sounds.
  • When speaking, there is a loud hum.


FormOver-ear, wireless
DriversCustom 50mm Neodymium dynamic drivers
Impedance32 Ohms @ 1kHz
Sensitivity111DBb (±3dB)
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
ConnectorUSB Type A
Battery Life16 hours
Wireless Range40-foot range of wireless connection
Compatibility PS4, PC


Features of Corsair HS70 Wireless 

hs70 wireless

Here are some of the features of this product: 

Packaging and Accessories 

The box’s exterior is colored black and yellow, as is customary for corsair hs70. There is some wear and tear on the box that I did detect; this could be a handling or packaging problem. Because it wasn’t a professional bundle, It was concerned the experience would be like my previous assessment of the Corsair RGB Elite Wireless.

The headphones are held in place by a plastic mold with a safety belt to keep them from moving. The headphones easily remove themselves from the mold and are not crammed within. They are additionally covered with a plastic film to prevent scratching, which is essential if plastic is used rather than foam for protection.

Overall, the packaging was better than earlier corsair hs70 products, but it may be improved. The headphones came in fine shape, although utilizing plastic as shipping protection never felt secure.


With the HS70s, there is little to complain about regarding value; It will like them right out of the box and experience no problems in-game.

The hs70 pro wireless gaming headset has a consistent treble and bass spectrum with a good frequency response. The bass on these is excellent, and while it doesn’t overpower the music, the low bass that gives your songs its distinctive thud was excellent. The highs sounded precise and warm, and the mid-bass was also fantastic for music.

The vocals sounded fantastic thanks to the mids, while the treble added a lot of detail without being too crisp. The sound is far better overall using the muffled Void Pro headset. The high-end detail was excellent for detecting minute details like footsteps in CS: GO. It heard more minute noises than with other headsets in this price range because of the detail and the combo of being very loud.

They may not be the greatest gaming headsets for regular commutes due to their poor isolation, but what gaming headset is? It also enjoyed playing games with the HS70s because the picture and directional cues always felt precise.

Although the simulated Surround sound 7.1 is functional, it is only frequently used in competitive games. This function, while good to have and not something especially care about, helps slightly widen the sound stage without sounding muddled. Upon changing, the headset will give you a heads-up command, but you must access the program to enable 7.1.


The most distinctive aspect of the headphone’s design is its quilted stitching, which gives the headband a professional appearance. The remaining hues are all shades of basic black and could have used more coloring. The headphones still have a sleek, fashionable appearance.

The oval-shaped ear cups complement the headband well. Nothing appears bulky, and the entire headset looks sleek and flows together. The headphones maintain their organized layout even with the microphone attached.

We like what HS70 is attempting to achieve regarding the overall appearance. Thanks to its sophisticated, primarily black style, we appreciate that it isn’t overly flashy. It is a fantastic fit for those who don’t like the gamer look because it needs the bells and whistles that many other gaming accessories feature.

Corsair’s structural components are constructed of premium, durable metals and long-lasting gunmetal accents. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this with certainty, but after testing it for a while, we found that it feels lovely and sturdy. The headband and ear cups, which are the padded parts, are constructed of plush foam and covered in soft leather-like material. The headband has a lovely quilted appearance that gives it a lux feel.

The HS70 is comfortable enough to prevent wearer fatigue even after extended gaming or movie-watching periods, even though we have used gaming headsets with softer ear cups and more flexible headbands.

But we’re not huge fans of employing grills as ear cup covers. Although they are attractive, they are also not the most so. But, given that they have no impact on the performance and handling of the headset, it may be us being picky (i.e. if the headset had an open-back design).

If we’re being picky, the removable mic is difficult to store out of the way when not in use because it’s constantly next to your face when it’s attached.


Overall, the hs70 pro wireless delivered excellent performance; music and video game audio sounded clear and detailed, with enough bass. Even if these are good right out of the box, it still advises using the EQ to adjust them to your preferences because the sound is an entirely personal preference.

They perform similarly to the HS60s and are capable of producing powerful sounds. Although I experienced a consistent hiss when using this at full volume, the high volume does not appear to cause distortion.

The performance of the hs70 wireless has pleased us. First, a full charge gives it a battery life of roughly 16 hours. Second, its detachable microphone uses ducking-type compression to eliminate background noise as you talk, allowing your voice to be heard clearly and loudly.

The sound quality of the HS70 is undoubtedly its strongest feature. The sound quality is excellent, and the frequency curve is nicely balanced thanks to its 50mm audio drivers that have been fine-tuned.

Games and movies (especially those with loads of action and explosions) sound fantastic through the headset because the bass is louder and gives it a lot of rumbling. The highs may have been slightly elevated, although this is hardly visible. Also, those who may find it bothersome can easily adjust to CUE.

With a decent left-to-right separation in stereo, the soundstage is already fantastic. But when the 7.1 virtual surround sound is turned on, it becomes even more amazing, giving you the impression that you are watching a movie in a theater.

Build Quality 

These significantly improve the somewhat plasticky HS35s, HS50s, or even Corsair Void Pros regarding build quality. The oval earcups are made of a perforated metal grill and tough matte black plastic. The corsair hs70 wireless logo is integrated with the center of the grill, which adds a lot of aesthetic points and gives these the appearance of having an open rear (which they don’t). In contrast to the ones we saw with the HyperX Cloud Flights, the earcups are joined to the headband using metal yolks, which feel incredibly solid and long-lasting.

The tiny additions that come with Corsair goods always boost the quality feel, and it’s the same with the wireless hs70 wireless despite the low pricing. The dongle is more durable than the one included with the Sennheiser GSP 370s, and the detachable mic has a replaceable pop filter. Hence, everything feels sturdy and long-lasting, which is uncommon at this price point, so congratulations to Corsair.

With the HS70 wireless headset’s hardware controls, you have all the gaming essentials at your fingertips, which is nice. A volume wheel can be seen on the left earcup. 

It is like a wheel that stops rather than endlessly like other kinds. When the mute mic button is pressed or depressed, some noise can be heard over the headphones. Last, a tiny LED that lights green, yellow, or red according to the charge level is located on the left earcup near the USB charging connector. The main button, which is a fair size, can be seen on the right ear cup (unlike the tiny switches on the Sennheiser GSP line). Like the mute-mic button, the headset emits a small beep to indicate when it is on or off.


The hs70 wireless functionality is its key selling feature. Using a 2.4GHz stream with low latency, these can operate up to 40 feet away. It could freely move around my apartment or the office while playing music without any dropouts or loud hissing outside range. Although these are not the greatest wireless headphones we tested, they are unquestionably among the best in their niche, given their low price.

They function when connected wirelessly to the included USB dongle. They function and connect properly on discord and in-game, unlike more expensive pairs like the Sennheiser GSP range.

The PS4 console is compatible with the dongle but may also be used with a PC or laptop. You won’t be able to use the 7.1 surround sound while using these with your PS4, but for experienced gamers, this won’t be a big deal.

The micro-USB cord with the headset is used to charge it; sadly, you cannot use the headphones while they are charging. Corsair claims that the battery life is 16 hours of continuous use, but with a full charge, it only got about 14 hours. In any case, it could use for a solid 3–4 days, but I found it a little frustrating to have to open the software to check the battery level.


The HS70 Pro Wireless has significantly improved in terms of capability over its older brother, the HS60 Pro, a wired headset.

The volume control, mute button, detachable microphone slot, and Micro USB charging port are at the bottom of the left ear cup. The power switch for the headphones is located on the right ear cup. You are informed whether the headphones have been turned on or off by a voice. The headphones’ battery life is 16 hours.

For wireless headphones, ease of use of the controls is crucial. The HS70 Pro Wireless controls are simple to use, simple to find, and do not have a lot of settings.


For those who prefer a solo microphone or if you want to use these for entertainment while traveling, the unidirectional microphone is completely detachable, which is wonderful. As the socket is keyed and the microphone is incredibly flexible, nothing can go wrong when you plug it in. The mic has been designed to minimize background noise, and you can further reduce it by installing the supplied pop filter.

The noise-canceling microphone has a frequency response of 100Hz to 10kHz and an impedance of 2.2k, giving my teammates a tolerably clear experience. Even though the mic is a little nasally and tinny and doesn’t match the Virtuosos, what does a gaming headset mic does? Even though there is some compression, the microphone is more than adequate for gaming. It may not be as excellent as the HyperX Flights mic, but it cancels out more background noise.

Overall, we have a reliable and effective microphone for its intended use.


The hs70 pro wireless headset is comfortable and stays that way after a few lengthy gaming sessions. Strangely, these are far more comfortable than the pricey Corsair Virtuoso SE headset, a high-end model with the exceptional build quality. The comfort is simple but functional, similar to the HyperX Cloud II.

They are secure enough to stay on most heads while not being so tight that your ears overheat or you start to feel uncomfortable. The pressure was just right for me, resulting in a good seal and increasing my sense of immersion in the game. Although the fit was less nice than the Corsair Virtuoso SE pair, these were less loose and would typically stay on my head no matter how it moved.

You can see that the hs70 wireless are 50 grams lighter than the Sennheiser GSP 670s, which weigh 329 grams on average. Compared to the SteelSeries Arctis 7s or Sennheiser GSP 370s, these still feel pretty weighty, but not to the point where there are any comfort concerns.

The hs70 wireless, like most of Corsair’s gaming headsets, includes many adjustment options, allowing for a comfortable fit for heads of different sizes and shapes. Adding to the headset’s look is a cushion on the metal headband stitched with a contrasting gray thread. Two sliders on either side of the headband may be moved through eight different positions.

It is simpler to get the headset level on either side thanks to the ruler-like inlays used as step labels. The earcups are tilted away from the frame’s axis to better fit the head. Whether your head is square or oval-shaped, this tilt flattens or gives the earcups a 45-degree inclination.

Overall, the comfort is more than satisfactory, and it says it’s far more comfortable to game with than the Corsair Virtuosos.


You don’t even need to install the Corsair iCUE software because the Corsair hs70 wireless sound quality is rather fantastic right out of the box for both gaming and music. The presets on a gaming headset were normally sufficient for me, but you could completely alter the EQ if you desired.

Once the supplied USB dongle is installed, you can start using these by simply plugging it in. The HS70s have a little charge when they are first opened, but you’ll want to charge them before you start as well completely.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the corsair HS70 wireless:

How long does the corsair hs70 wireless gaming headset last?

A fully detachable microphone, great comfort, and up to 16 hours of battery life are all features of the HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset. Keep playing with an improved range of up to 40 feet using 2.4GHz wifi with reduced latency.

How to connect the corsair wireless headset hs70?

Connect the wireless receiver on your HS70 headset If your HS70 headset is not connecting properly, or if the wireless receiver has recently been changed, you will need to repair your device. Connect the wireless receiver directly to an I/O port on the system motherboard to pair it.

Can it connect to bluetooth while using ps4/Xbox series s?

Yes, you can use both a wired USB/3.5mm connection and a wireless Bluetooth connection at once. In other words, you’ll be able to talk on a phone call via Bluetooth while also listening to game audio over a USB or 3.5mm connection.

Are the HS70 Pro Wireless good?

The HS70 Pro Wireless delivers good build quality for a reasonable cost. Except for the detachable microphone, nothing about the HS70 Pro Wireless feels cheap. These set the bar for good build quality in affordable headphones and are robust enough to withstand years of gaming use.

Can you utilize the wireless Corsair HS70 Pro?

The Corsair HS70 can only be used wirelessly. Excellent audio reproduction. Robust and comfortable construction.

Has surround sound been implemented in the Corsair HS70 Pro?

Custom-tuned, high-quality 50mm neodymium audio drivers provide the range needed to hear everything on the battlefield. Put yourself in the center of your game by utilizing 7.1 surround sound, which creates a multi-channel audio experience.

Does the Corsair HS70 Pro work well for music?

For the price, the sound quality is excellent, with crisp highs and strong bass. Although it won’t completely blow you away as a high-end surround sound system will, it still has decent sound quality, and I enjoy listening to music.

How long does the battery in the HS70 Pro last?

The CORSAIR HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset features up to 16 hours of battery life, great comfort, superior sound quality, and a fully detachable microphone.

Is Corsair HS70 Bluetooth a good gaming Bluetooth?

For wired gaming, the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth is excellent. These comfy headphones enable full audio and microphone functionality via its 1/8″ TRRS cable and wired USB connections. They also feature Bluetooth, allowing you to receive audio from consoles and team chat from your smartphone.

Can the Corsair HS70 Pro be connected to a phone?

Corsair HS70 BLUETOOTH Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth (Up to 30 Hours of Battery Life, Wireless Bluetooth Compatible with PC/Switch/iOS/Android, and Wired Connectivity with Xbox/PlayStation) Carbon.

Why are my Corsair headphones so quiet?

Ensure your iCUE software is current and that iCUE can recognize your CORSAIR headset. In iCUE, choose your headset, then choose Device Settings. Use the Mic Boost slider to see if your low-volume problem is fixed. You should see the slider there.

Can the Corsair HS70 Pro be used while it’s charging?

The USB port on your computer can accept the wireless USB adapter. You can put the headset into the USB port to keep using it while it charges if your battery runs out while you’re using it. With a range of approximately 10 meters, the wireless connectivity is good.

Can an iPhone wirelessly connect to a Corsair HS70 Pro?

No, the wireless headset is not equipped with a separate Bluetooth. The HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth would be required.

How do Corsair headphones perform musically?

Long sessions may tire out the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XTs, but they have excellent sound. Both PlayStation 5 3D audio and Dolby Atmos surround sound are supported. They work on any platform and provide excellent performance.


They are among the better options for gaming earbuds because of the built-in adapters that come with the MH710. Although they will never be able to compete with in-ear monitors or gaming headsets, it is nonetheless encouraging to see a product that will function well with PCs for those who cannot wear over-the-ear headphones.

These are comfortable—much more so than the Bluetooth Razer Hammerheads, but they are still significantly less comfortable than the HyperX Cloud earphones. The brushed aluminum may be to blame for these periodically falling out of my ears. As compared to the HyperX alternative, they have the excellent build quality and feel like they could endure some wear and tear over time, but for people who don’t need PC compatibility, the Cloud earbuds fit the ear considerably better and are the best option.

Whether you play video games professionally or occasionally, the sound quality will satisfy you. The 7.1 surround sound provides a crystal-clear sense of where the sounds are coming from, and the audio cues are precise and concise. On PS4, however, 7.1 surround sound is not supported, which slightly reduces the effectiveness of directional cues.

Future models should include a higher-quality microphone. It has a steady background hum and doesn’t minimize background noise. Moreover, connectivity has to be enhanced, as the HS70 Pro experiences latency and drop-out problems at distances of 10 feet or more from their USB Bluetooth adapter.

The bottom line is that these have a variety of connection possibilities, making it possible to use them with a wide range of platforms and devices. But, because the Focus FX technology raises the price, it could be preferable to use the MH703s.

If you’re looking for more headphone options, check out our website,, where you can find a range of headphones suitable for any occasion.

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